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Hey Gorgeous!
Are you ready to RELEASE your frustrations, confusion, excuses and pain surrounding weight and a healthy lifestyle? And are you ready to IGNITE your spiritual power to TRANSFORM your whole body health and life? If the answer is YES!!! - then let me be your coach, cheerleader and straight-shooting girlfriend to help you DIVINELY DESIGN a personal life long and Spirit strong healthy lifestyle practice.
My cup runneth over with God-inspired yummy goodness to catapult you from cloudy to clear - and from barrier to breakthrough. Join the Fit thru Faith Village TODAY to immediately start receiving my weekly power tips, tools and challenges to get you started on your Fit thru Faith  adventure. It’s all about making BETTER choices - one day at a time!
I believe in you. We can do this! Join me, Charlie Jordan Brookins – Certified Health Coach and Personal Fitness Trainer.  Don’t delay! You have too much to contribute to this world!
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