7 Days to Jumpstart Your New You!

It’s time for a REVIVAL in your Faith, Food and Fitness to jumpstart a body and a life you love–God’s way!

7 Days to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss and

a New You!

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restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, strength, etc.

Does any of this sound familiar?

 “The yo-yo dieting and inconsistency is wearing me out.”

 “I need to get off of or at least reduce this medication.”

 “I want to look great in my clothes without wearing Spanx.”

 “know what I need to do, I just don’t know how.”

What's included?

  A Detailed Guide to set your spiritual foundation and prepare you for the 7-day adventure.

✓  7 Daily Emails infused with scripture and motivation to start your day with purpose and power.

7 Daily Food Challenges to jumpstart your “divinely designed healthy lifestyle practice,” create mindfulness, healthier choices and ignite weight loss.

✓  A Daily 10-15 minute Workout (for all fitness levels) delivered to your inbox to get your temple moving consistently.

✓  An Exclusive Facebook Group and community of sisters on the same journey with coaching from me to help keep you consistent and supported.

Charlie Jordan Brookins
Certified Health Coach, Personal Fitness Trainer, Speaker,
Author & Multi-tasking Mom

As a certified health and fitness expert, I know the struggle to achieve and maintain whole-body health is a real – both physical and spiritual. With temptations, busy schedules, conflicting information, and negative head chatter, how is it possible to stay consistent when everything seems to be stacked against you – commerce, convenience food, cravings and office candy bowls?  But I also know the keys to your success to help your discover why you’re stuck and how to get moving.

The 7 Day Revival (7DR) was designed with your busy schedule and results in mind. It’s a process. Committed small action each day in your faith, food and fitness is the name of the game to jumpstart weight loss that lasts.

I have a relentless passion to be a bridge to your breakthrough in your whole-body health to look and feel your best, and to shine brightly and boldly in your “service size body” to be of greatest service to God and the world.

I’ve said and heard all of the excuses that keep you stuck, lacking energy and uninspired when you look in your closet. But I also know that God has a plan for your life and your health. You have a beautiful purpose to make an epic impact on this world, and we are waiting for you to light it up!

I’m excited to partner with you on your journey to purpose-driven whole-body health – one day at a time. Let’s go!

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