10 Tips to Conquer Your Cravings for Good!

Chocolate, pizza, ice cream, potato chips, french fries, cheese -- you know them and you crave them! If you're like me, cravings can be a real stumbling block in your whole body health journey. Just when you've had a great day or week of eating and moving, those...

Your Holiday Eating Survival Guide

The Holiday Season is here!  Woo-hoo-ish!  It always seems to come quicker than I'm ready for it, but we're in it =). My eyes were opened by a statistic I read that the average holiday meal is 3,000 calories - and if you add on appetizers and dessert, it can easily...

Lessons from a 3 lb. Weight Gain

Hey Gorgeous - I got on the scale the other day and realized I gained 3 pounds. For clarity, I don't promote or practice focusing on the number on the scale.  In fact, Fit thru Faith focuses on "life gain" vs. "weight loss."  I believe that your body was created 100%...

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