Healthy Eating on the Road

Hey Gorgeous - Traveling soon? Perhaps an end of the summer vacation? Business trip? Something completely different? No matter where you’re going, you might appreciate some quick and easy healthy food ideas. These can help you stay on track and help you bring, and...

Are You Planning to Fail? - Pt. 2

Hey Gorgeous! Last blog I introduced the concept of Pleasure Planning.  Click here if you need a refresher of the first two steps.  I just can't say enough that some form of basic planning is ESSENTIAL for long-term weight release and maintenance, so it's time to make...

Are you planning to fail? - Pt. 1

Hey Gorgeous! How would you rate your Divinely Designed Healthy Life*Style Practice? Really -  I want to know.  If you're an 8 or higher, then BRAVO!  If you're under 8, what is standing in the way of your BETTER whole body health? Let's not even say "your best"...

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