I like to keep things clean and simple, because time is precious, so here are the Charlie Jordan Brookins Essentials =).  I do, however, encourage you to read the "Fit thru Faith Story" below, so you understand why I am soooo passionate about being a bridge to your breakthrough in your whole body health.


Charlie Jordan Brookins Essentials:


  • Born and raised in Chicago (but now reside in Los Angeles)
  • The daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter of preachers. I’m a PK to the third power =).
  • Certified Health Coach, Personal Fitness Trainer, Motivational Speaker, and Multi-tasking Mom
  • Former Entertainment Creative Executive and film director (feel free to Google me)
  • Served on the Dance Ministry leadership of my home church, Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, CA, for over ten years.
  • Played the tuba – from 4th grade – 12th grade =).
  • Fan Club President for husband, Greg and sons, James Wesley and Jordan

The Fit thru Faith Story


So those are some quick bullets, but what you really need to know is that I have a FIRE deep down in my belly for you - and that it is MY CALL and my purpose to be a bridge to your break-thru in your whole body health.


A little over 10 years ago, I was in a rocky place. It was a time in my life when I felt very disconnected. I was working in a relatively toxic environment in the Entertainment Industry.  I had been married for just under 2 years, and our attempts to have children weren't successful.  I felt lost and depleted.


So I was led to start taking these "faith walks."  I reflected on the seven realities from Henry Blackaby's awesome book, "Experiencing God" , which in a nutshell for me is "see where God is at work and join Him in that work."


I took the earbuds out and had one intentional mission to hear a word from that still small voice, to hear a word with some direction for my life, some PURPOSE.


Now I'm not one of those people that has an open chat-line with Most High.  It used to bug me a little when my friends or husband would say all the time, the "Lord (or Holy Spirit) told me" to do this or that,  because I had crickets on the main line.


But I was determined.  I was like Jacob. I wasn't going to stop walking and seeking until I was blessed with some direction.


Well, it took MANY MILES, trust and believe, but when He spoke, it was CLEAR. “My people are dying!” Yes – He was clear, but I wasn’t clear what I was supposed to do about it.


But God is God.  I asked and He answered and began to pour the vision in me for Fit thru Faith. Over the past decade, Fit thru Faith has been in the refiner's fire.   I am so excited to partner with you with practical tools programs, coaching and teaching to help you release excess weight and attain your service size body TM - to be of greatest service to God and to the world.