Is Fit thru Faith a diet?

Absolutely not.  Diets don’t work.  After all, it has the word “DIE” in it.  Fit thru Faith is a lifestyle.  The programming provides you with a comprehensive toolkit to make small incremental adjustments for big and lasting impact.  Our content is based on biblical principles and the latest evidence-based research in nutrition and fitness, and is continually revised as needed.


Is there a meal plan ?

In order for your Divinely Designed Healthy Lifestyle TM to have success for a lifetime, YOU need to be in control and it needs to be based on food that YOU enjoy.  While there isn’t a specific meal plan, you will absolutely be given specific guidelines, formulas, tips and yummy recipes to help you make eating healthy convenient, doable and fun.



Is Fit thru Faith for Women Only?

Men can be just as successful in achieving their healthy weight and lifestyle goals with Fit thru Faith and I welcome them, but just keep in mind that the language and messaging is estrogen-centric.

However, there are some programs, like Total Temple Transformation, that are women-only.