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Does This Sound Familiar?

  • YOU'RE EXHAUSTED and over-capacity taking care of everyone else. And just when you're ready to prioritize your health, life happens - a new deadline at work, a sick child, or a parent illness. Honestly, you're physically and spiritually tapped out.

  • YOU'RE AVOIDING THE MIRROR - Your reflection, especially around the middle, is not bringing you joy.

  • YOU'VE BEEN THERE & DONE THAT with diet after diet, but the cravings take over and the weight comes back with uninvited friends.

  • YOU'RE STARTING TO BELIEVE THE HYPE that the creeping weight around your belly is just a part of "the change."

  • YOU'RE OVERWHELMED - The mere thought of making changes to your lifestyle is overwhelming. And it doesn't help that there's so much conflicting information. Who has time to figure out which plan is "the one" that's going to get you RESULTS!?

  • THE BOTTOMLINE - You know what you need to do, but you're too busy, too tired and too confused to keep going it alone. Well, you're not alone. I am here to serve you, and serve you big!


Charlie Jordan Brookins
Certified Health Coach, Personal Fitness Trainer, Speaker, Author
& Multi-tasking Mom

Total Temple Transformation (T3) was birthed from my relentless passion to be bridge for a grown and spiritually grounded women to receive and achieve ALL God's best in their whole-body health and their lives! The struggle is real!

I know it well personally, and wrestle with it daily, but as a Certified Health Coach and Personal Fitness Trainer, I also know what works and how to partner with you to get real results! And as a woman of faith, my personal passion and the call on my life is to be a bridge to your breakthrough to what I call your "service size body" - to be of greatest service to God and the world. 

T3 was designed for you - yes you - the busy multi-hat wearing super woman who gives and does it all for everyone else first - leaving little time or energy left for you.

T3 is spiritually driven and the step signature system builds one step, and one module at a time to set you up for true success. Using practical evidenced-based research, tools and tips for safe, effective and lasting weight release. T3 is "whole-body health in a box." It's not about depriving you of the foods you love. Instead, I will teach you to powerfully use your spirit power, mindfulness and choice to RENEW your mind and your relationship with your faith, food and fitness.




What's Included?

    • 10 Training Modules with all of the Training & Tools You Need to Create Lifetime Lifestyle Change
    • Weekly Live Coaching Calls (Monday evenings) for Laser Coaching, Accountability and Support
    • Admission to a Private Membership-Only Web Portal for Easy Access to Videos and Support Resources
    • A Private Facebook Group For The T3 Tribe
    • A 14-Day Guided Sugar-Free(dom) Cleanse to Reset Your Tastebuds
    • Weekly "Lifework" for each module with Scripture & Affirmations to Fortify Your Faith, Food & Fitness
    • A Sister Circle of Like-minded Women for Support & Accountability
    • One-on-one Access to a Coach who is obsessed with your results for individualized attention
    • Fitness Videos for all Fitness Levels
    • Weekday Text Messages for daily inspiration and reflection
    • Lifetime Access and SO MUCH MORE...



    T3 is the best thing (next to Jesus) that has ever happened to me!

    “I have been weight challenged for several decades.  I have tried EVERYTHING, spent thousands of dollars and considered bariatric surgery. T3 IS THE BEST THING (NEXT TO JESUS) THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME. First of all, Charlie coaches, encourages, inspires and motivates you from a biblical perspective to transform your life. I am not on a diet. I have a NEW LIFESTYLE.  With Charlie's coaching, I said goodbye to 36 pounds and have that many more to go.  I look at food differently; I don't respond to life changes and crisis situations by stuffing my face anymore.  Instead, I journal my feelings and keep moving. If you are considering working with Charlie, I say to you "CONSIDER IT DONE!!!!" You will be sooooo glad that you did.  Your life will NEVER be the same.”  – Judi W.

    T3 has been life changing for me and my family!

    T3 has been life changing for me and my family.  I have tried diets before only to be disappointed with weight gain later. What I loved about the program is that it  helped me to define a deeper motivation. The spiritual aspect helped us to understand how being at our best impacts our service to God. I also loved the sisterhood of the program.  I was able to learn from each of the ladies as they shared their wins. The affirmations in  the fitness videos were the backbone of my endurance. Before the program, my blood pressure was on the borderline of becoming high but it is back to normal.  I have more energy.  My greatest win is that I am confident I have the knowledge, motivation and mindset to continue losing weight, eating healthy and exercising so that I may live a long, prosperous, healthy life.   - Angela C.

    Nothing is as personal and comprehensive

    “There are a lot of different approaches to losing or managing weight and I have tried many of them, but nothing that is as personal and comprehensive as what Charlie has developed with Total Temple Transformation. It feels like it is her passion to help people reach their personal weight and health goals! You learn what to do and why, including the science behind it. There is something informative, supportive, encouraging and affirming almost every day, whether from Charlie directly or through your fellow health-seekers.”

    – Monica A.


    T3 is the most comprehensive approach I have seen to wellness!

    I made a commitment to T3 for holistic change. I wasn't sure what I signed up for, but it was the adult experience I needed--no excuses--no shame! The product is excellent and paced for individual growth.  It is the most comprehensive approach I have seen to wellness. Charlie is an exercise coach, nutrition expert, spiritual liaison, sister friend and mentor and some days my therapist. I've seen my mind and habits change about food, what and when to eat.  I have a different attitude about what fuels my body; my consciousness about exercise and how I support it.  I lost weight (mental, physical and spiritual).  I learned  what makes me stumble and what makes me win!  For me what has been most valuable is how I feel.  I wake up wanting to get up and make the best of the days God is gives me.  My T3 journey continues.  Thank you, Charlie for your passion, patience and sharing your gifts!  - Janice M.

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