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Fit thru Faith is the intersection of Faith, Food and Fitness.  The tools and teaching bridge the essential gap between your faith and your whole body fitness with small practical and incremental changes to make a bug lifelong impact.


Our mission is to equip the saints for greater service through healthier lifestyle choices - what I call your personal Divinely Designed Healthy Lifestyle PracticeTM.


Ultimately it is a declaration of how you choose to rock your lifestyle out loud -  "I am Fit thru Faith!"  Only you can take responsibility for your temple to do more, give more and ultimately be more for yourself, your family, God and this world.

 Fit thru Faith is...

Your DIVINELY DESIGNED lifestyle practice of SMALL incremental changes with BIG impact

⦁ Based on Biblical Principles and the latest evidence-based research

⦁ Fueled by Spirit power vs. Willpower

⦁ A Comprehensive Toolkit (Practical Tips, Programs, One-on-One Coaching) with everything you need for lifelong healthy weight and lifestyle maintenance

⦁ A Fun and Supportive On-line Community (The Village) and lifelong partner in your whole body health adventure

⦁ A Spirit - Mind - Body Transformation

⦁ Your Gateway to the Exceedingly Abundant Life

Join the Fit thru Faith Village...

If you're ready for change in the way you look, feel, love and serve

⦁ If you’ve been on the die-t roller coaster for too long and are ready to get OFF! (yes- the dash was intentional)

⦁ If you know that God has a call and a purpose for your life, but you’ve been feeling disconnected and the details have been cloudy.

⦁ If you're OVERWHELMED by all of the information on the best direction to nourish and move your body and don’t know how and where to start

⦁ If you need a supportive group of girlfriends who are going through the same thing you are and who will hold you accountable, share recipes, joys, pains, trials and triumphs!