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Certified Health Coach & Personal Fitness Trainer
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" I Am #RELENTLESS About Firing Up Your RESULTS!" - Charlie Jordan Brookins
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PRIVATE - One-on-one Full-Service Coaching to launch you from Confused to Clarity, from Stuck to Success and from Barrrier to Break-thru!
PERSONALIZED -  To meet you where you are and hold your hand through every challenge and triumph!
CONVENIENT - Meetings are all  virtual and take place from your convenient location anywhere in the world!
RESULTS! - I am relentless about results! If you're ready for a Spirit-Powered Break-thru in your whole body health - Let's chat ASAP!     

is for you if...

* You're EXHAUSTED from diet fatigue and know you need personalized support

* You are not a "group" person

* You need a support system to guide you to sustainable weight loss

* You're starting to believe the hype that your expanded waistline is
just a part of your peri/post menopausal existence

* You're ready to make a true COMMITMENT to yourself, to God and
to all those who are waiting for you to live out loud in your purpose.


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"I love Fit thru Faith! It is a total program which impacts the total person; mind, body and soul. Through Fit thru Faith, I learned that I am in control of my health and that I could change my bad eating habits. I have been able to maintain a healthy fitness level for years and my medical numbers have proved it. Thank you, Charlie for helping me to change every area of my life and to become Fit thru Faith!" - Dianne
“Your classes and program were truly one of my best accomplishments in 2016. You  physically and mentally placed me on a new path to total wellness and for this gift I will be eternally grateful.  Fit thru Faith is a plan for living our best life. Charlie is the real deal. I wish everyone would give themselves the Fit thru Faith gift this year. It's changed my life." 
- Marilyn 
"When I think of Fit thru Faith, the word that comes to my mind is "transforming," because that's how I experienced the program! It’s a whole body program that uses nutrition, exercise and the word of God to direct you in the best ways to care for your "temple".  Even though I completed Fit thru Faith many years ago, I still use many of the principles Charlie taught to maintain my temple."  - Gwen
If You Thrive in Community...
This is Your Time, Your Year,
and Your Season!
Total Temple Transformation (T3) is my 10 week intensive group program - taking you through the 8 ESSENTIAL STEPS from Power to Perseverance.

T3 was designed for you - yes you - the busy multi-hat wearing super woman who gives and does all for everyone else first - leaving little left over for you. 
Using practical evidenced-based research, tools and tips for safe, effective and lasting weight release, T3 is not about depriving you of the foods you love.  Instead I will teach you to powerfully use mindfulness and choice to RENEW your mind and your relationship with food and fitness.
Charlie Jordan Brookins
Health Coach, Personal Fitness Trainer , Speaker & Multi-tasking Mom
Don't let the smile or figure fool you, I am not a genetically slender person.  The belly bulge is very popular with the women in my family, so I know it well.  I know the blank stare at the closet looking for something stylish, yet comfortable.  I've seen the bottom of a cookie bag or ice cream pint many a time in a single sitting. 

Cravings are biological and real!  And when I left my Corporate America to focus full-time on Fit thru Faith, I was beginning to accept that the extra 15 pounds I was carrying was just a package deal with entering my 5th decade of life.

But not true and not so fast!  With a few simple but impactful behavior changes, I was able to drop the weight without dieting by implementing the same lifetime lifestyle practices I will teach you - and so much more!  

I’ve had 4 hip surgeries and given birth to 2 children naturally in my 40’s.  I have had an ongoing love/not really feeling you relationship with the mirror, but I’m committed to my "divinely designed healthy lifestyle practice" for the rest of my life because I have an epic contribution to make to this world - and so do you!  

We can do this together!
Dear friend, I pray that you may ENJOY GOOD  HEALTH and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well. - 3 John 1:2 (NIV)